International students

It is not a global village, but we are in a highly interconnected village.”

Howard Rheingold

Meeting international students: DECEMBER 20, 18.30 h Silence centre. Stenden University

ABOUT: your family

share memories, pictures, stories, …

Date: December 20, 2016

Time: 18:30- 20:30

Where: Silence centre, Stenden University

Dinner costs: €2/person

Family is an important part of everyone’s life. Some people have big families and some have small, some are living close to their families and some are living far away from them. Sometimes, roommates, classmates, colleagues etc. become your family. In other words, this is the family you choose by yourself.


Note: students might earn 1 EC for joining this talk group. (confirm with exam committee of your study programme)

INTERCONNECT is a new talk group organized by EXPECT Leeuwarden, especially, for international students to share their experiences and gain new information from each other.

Leeuwarden is an international city. People from different countries, backgrounds, religions and cultures are living together. In other words, they are interconnected to each other.  One may have different opinions, misconceptions and views regarding different culture, religion etc. On the other hand, there might be some religions or cultures which are unknown or least known. but still, they are part of our interconnected village. INTERCONNECT meetings give the opportunity to participate in the discussions related to above listed things in order to gain new perspective on social issues like human rights, refugees etc.

These are informal meetings which include the theme of “ Dine together”. It means gain and share new knowledge while enjoying the meal with other group mates.

What is the content of the meetings?

Variety of topics will be discussed such as Family and art & culture. What value does it make in your daily life or your culture? Is this same for everyone or vary from person to person due to different lifestyle, personality, culture and religion. Different opinions will be listed to lead the discussion further. Topic for the meetings can be suggested by the group members as well. After gaining new perspective, some meetings will be organized based on social issues such as poverty, human rights, refugees and others.

The first meeting will be about Braveness. What is its importance in your everyday life, culture and religion?

Details of the first meeting are given below.

Date: December 20, 2016

Where: Silence Centre at Stenden University

Time: 19:30 till 21:30

For students, it might be a chance to earn an elective credit by attending these meetings.

To register or to get more information send an email at